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Discover our mental health range - designed to help your people stay well at work 

Workplace stress has wide-ranging impacts, from reduced productivity to absenteeism and lower morale. Our mental health range walks your people through practical ways to stay happy and healthy
at work. 

Courses include:

Supporting Good Mental Health 
Mental Health Disorders, Symptoms & Treatments 
Mental Health vs Stigmas 
Handling Stress at Work - A Guide for Managers (RoSPA Assured)
Handling Workplace Stress (RoSPA Assured)

eBytes include:

Five steps to Mental Wellbeing - Explains what mental wellbeing is and five steps to improve it

Keeping an eye on Mental Health - Explains how Managers can spot the signs of mental ill health

Let's Talk about Mental Health - Enables you to talk about mental health 

Mindful Minutes - Explains what mindfulness is 

Mindfulness at Work - Explains the benefits of practicing mindfulness in the workplace 

Rage Gauge - Explains what aggression is and lists some of its causes and consequences

What is Depression? - Explains what depression is and the symptoms of it 

What is Mental Health? - Explains what mental health is 

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